You & Me Vol​.​1

by Liz Frencham

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This album features much loved music Australian music festival favourite double-bass player Liz Frencham, now settled in country Victoria. She studied jazz bass at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and went on to hone her considerable talents with festival favourites Jigzag, Fred Smith, Gregory Page, Miriam Leiberman, Mic Conway, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Wouter Kellerman, Dev'lish Mary, Alanna and Alicia, and Jimmy the Fish.

You & Me Vol.1 is a an eclectic collection of live duets that capture beautiful moments of connection between two players in one room exploring each other through a spontaneous connection to a song. The narratives are wide ranging in genre and subject matter; from jazz to folk, from desolation to utter joy. The common thread is Liz Frencham's warm, honest vocal delivery and even warmer double bass tone.

“From the opening notes of Liz Frencham’s CD you & me Vol. 1 you know you are in for a rare treat. At times the music floats as gently as a breeze from a moth’s wings at others Liz soars like a butterfly on steroids – but always with great sensitivity and beauty. All of which is made more extraordinary by the fact that she is playing the double bass. Such an instrument asks a lot of a musician. It is not simply plucked, bowed and stroked by Frencham. Her double bass is an extension of her body and indeed to watch her play is to watch an erotic performance where musician and instrument are as one...
Playing, composing and singing; this girl has it all. The only note of caution – put the bottle of wine beside you because once Liz Frencham has you, she doesn’t let go – not for a minute.” Sandy McCutcheon (Writer & ABC radio personality)


released January 4, 2008



all rights reserved


Liz Frencham Trentham, Australia

Liz studied Jazz performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music & has been working full time as a musician for over ten years. She is an experienced multi-genre session double-bassist & vocalist who has become an audience favourite on the music festival circuit in Australia with acts like Frencham Smith, Jigzag, Devlish Mary, Red Juliet & Jimmy the Fish. ... more

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Track Name: Liz Frencham and Rebecca Wright - Lucky To Be Your Friend
Lucky To Be Your Friend


I wrote this verse for you my friend
A rock beneath my feet
A well spent hour, a rare wildflower
A voice both true and sweet
A happy sun arose my friend
The day I first met you
And every dawn that brings you close
Awakes this joy anew

More than pleasure
A gift I treasure
Beyond all measure
I’m lucky to be you friend

And though the times we share my friend
may seem so far between
I know that there will always be
A tune and words to sing
Track Name: Liz Frencham and Fred Smith - Four Strong Hands
Four Strong Hands

(Iain ‘Fred’ Smith)

Guess I don’t have to tell you
That was the bank man on the phone
Reckons we’re gonna have to sell here
We can’t repay the loan
Things haven’t run too well here
Since the drought in ‘95
Ever since we worked our fingers to the bone
Just to stay alive
But to lose this farm would break my heart
I’ve worked here man and boy I am too old for a new start so

Many a dream have we seen broken
Many a fire through our back door
Many a harsh word spoken
I can’t take it any more
So sign this letter to my brother
Take the pistol from the shelf
put two rounds in it’s chambers
Put an end to all this hell and

Take my hand now lover
Together into an empty night
Take my hand now lover
I have lost my will to fight

Many a dream have we seen broken
Many a fire through our back door
Many a harsh word spoken
It hasn’t been easy that’s for sure
Kids moved out and went to Melbourne
Must have been a year ago
The summer months were hot and lonely
Now the winters here I’m cold
But when you hold me in your arms
I am still a little girl
I can forget all the sadness
and the anger in our world so

Take my hand now lover
Walk together through the night
Take my hand now lover
We can make it work out right

Throw that letter in the fire
Throw the pistol in the dam
I am not prepared to die
Not as long as I can stand
We can make a new start
You silly old fart
We’ve got four strong hands and
Two beating hearts so

Take my hand now lover
Walk together through the night
Take my hand now lover
We can make it work all right
Track Name: Liz Frencham and Robbie Long - Ruby

Woke up cryin’ again last night
Dreamt about another fight
I think of you and suddenly I’m freezing
Eyes of fire and midnight curls
You’re no ordinary girl
He’s all lit up when you start into teasing
Nightmares are taking over waking
I’m so afraid he’s yours for the taking

Oh Ruby, don’t steal the ground beneath my feet
Oh Ruby, don’t let history repeat
Oh Ruby, you know I can’t compete
Ruby don’t take him

It’s in the hands of chance
We dance our awkward dance
as grace rewards the struggle to be graceful
why do I feed this fear?
He’s chosen to be here
He’s not the kind of man to be unfaithful
Nightmares are taking over waking
Oh Ruby please see through this smile I’m faking
(I’m close to breaking)
Track Name: Liz Frencham and Christine Wheeler - Pete's Song
Pete’s Song


Mighty sea, you have such power in your hand
Your waves, they can turn the rock to sand
But all of the strength you wield can never set me free
If you can’t make that sweet boy love me

For all your great voice you can’t kneel by his bed
And whisper my name in his dreams
And all of natures power means nothing now to me
For I’ll die if he never loves me

Gentle earth, yours is a magic old as time
But I can only see it as a crime
That you give birth to the flowers, the ferns and the trees
Yet you can’t make that sweet boy love me

Sky above with your sunshine and your rain
Can you send me down something to ease the pain
For all your thunder and lightning is useless can’t you see?
If you can’t make that sweet boy love me
Track Name: Liz Frencham and Mike Kerin - Pritchard Street
Pritchard Street


Music drifts down Pritchard Street
Too much to drink and more to eat
As one by one we smile and share
With all the friendly sould we meet
Some stand tall and talk out loud
Of all the things that make them proud
And some sit quiet within the crowd
And listen to it all

As someone laughs, though he’s heard that one before
Someone sings ’til the morning sun slips underneath the door

Mary, Mary please be wary
That cat can be contrary
Soon he curls and purrs and dreams
Of goldfish pie and fried canary
Someone’s on the kitchen floor
Been there for an hour or more
Makes it hard to close the door
And suddenly he wakes

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
But drinks enough to make him sick
Just tripped over my guitar
And broke his housemate’s candlestick
Never have you seen such rage
Worthy of a theatre stage
But time is quick to turn the page
And everyone forgets

This room holds a quiet scene
Two will talk and sip their tea
While that room’s singing ‘Danny Boy’
In twenty-six part harmony
Jack and Jill are in the street
Heart’s aglow with longing sweet
Lips seems good enough to eat
And neither of them hear
Track Name: Liz Frencham and Shannon Barnett - Black Rover
Black Rover

Black Rover dog
Scratching ’round my door
Black Rover dog
Leave this girl alone

You howl, you growl,
You’re bow- wow- wowing at the moon
And soon, your gloom
Consumes me ’til I’m howling on too

Black Rover dog
Take Your shaggy song and go
Black Rover cross over
And find some other girl
Track Name: Stay

Say that you hold me all night through
My heart is at home when I’m with you
Your voice warm as sun
All I need to carry on
’til I’m smiling again to shame the stars

Say that you’ll hold me all life long
In time when I’m sure that hope is gone
For there’s nothing I can’t do
Now that I believe in me and you
I will stay here beside you
Come what may