You & Me Vol​.​3

by Liz Frencham

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matt blick
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matt blick Stellar songwriting and brilliantly varied arrangements with only the most minimal of instruments Favorite track: Satan Sighs.
Steve Lawson
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Steve Lawson Liz Frencham's creativity goes from strength to strength. Whether writing her own material, or covering other people's, she brings something beautiful and unique to every piece of music she makes. I'm a huge fan. Favorite track: Satellite.


Liz Frencham Trentham, Australia

Liz studied Jazz performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music & has been working full time as a musician for over ten years. She is an experienced multi-genre session double-bassist & vocalist who has become an audience favourite on the music festival circuit in Australia with acts like Frencham Smith, Jigzag, Devlish Mary, Red Juliet & Jimmy the Fish. ... more

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Track Name: Liz Frencham with Alicia & Alanna Egan - King Of D.I.Y.
King of D.I.Y.

Oh darling you're my 'can we fix it?’ fella
I thank the Lord for such a handy guy
You're up and outta bed and headed straight out to the shed
Just to prove that your the king of D.I.Y.
Such a master touch with paint and plaster
but there's a little project getting' overdue
For while your renovating
your darling girl is waiting here
I need a little renovation too

I don't mean to disparage all your labour
but this marriage to your garage I defy
If I was draped across your bench and wearing
nothing but a wrench or two
I'd get attention, well at least I'd try
It's a pleasure that our shower pressure's fixed now
and you're fighting the good fight against mildew
But while you're busy grouting
I'm still pining here and pouting
that I need a little renovation too

Do we really need to start a new extension
to assert your worth amongst the brotherhood?
I find it hard to make a fuss about some cantilevered truss
when I dream about a different kind of wood
I know that all our washers need replacing
I hear them dripping out a military tattoo
But I don't care about the water
as my lover boy you oughtta know
I need a little renovation too

I don't care if your pallets are well stacked, dear
Won't be fainting if that painting is well hung
The chimney's well erected, but lately I reflect
that other well erected things can be more fun
Oh! the way you hold your router's quite arousing
but then I haven't been, well, routed since last June
Stop grading your abrasives, don't be so damned evasive, lover
Show me the best route to the bedroom

But there's a sawn off cornice sprawled across the mattress
where we could be curled beneath the eiderdown
We could be fornicating, instead we're here debating
if the backyard fence could use some mission brown
No use in fishing for some missionary passion
My subtle hints are always misconstrued
I'm done with being subtle and I'm deaf to all rebuttal
'cause I need a little renovation, need to fix this situation

Gonna push my luck, what's it take to get a
formulated plan that's not so gloomy
get over here and scrutinise this
problem if your willing
‘cause I could use a driven man
to take control don't fail me
put the hammer down and never mind
the fact it's looking rainy,
'cause I need a little renovation too
Track Name: Liz Frencham with David Bridie - Satan Sighs
Satan Sighs

Satan sighs,
Pulls on his boots
It's so damn hard to get up these days
The copy cats all holding court
Hardly anyone ever prays these days
Hardly anyone ever prays

Pitchfork lonely on his shelf
Dusty, rusted obselete
They got cleverer ways all figured out
Almost everyone hurts themselves these days
Almost everyone hurts themselves
They don't need no cartoon boogieman
When they're dying to hurt themselves

Scans the paper sees his name
In black and white yet far from true
Some deeds too low for me to stoop
There's no horror they can't out do these days
There's no horror they can't out do

Satan sighs,
Pulls off his boots
Collapses in his rocking chair
I'd damn them all to heaven, but
Hardly anyone knows the way these days
Hardly anyone knows the way
And hardly anyone ever prays these days
Hardly anyone knows the way
Hardly anyone ever prays these days
Hardly anyone ever prays
Track Name: Liz Frencham with John Flanagan - Someday Maybe
Someday Maybe

All the ducks will line up in a row

We'll storm the theatre, really start this show

But not today
Clumsy fingers let the moments slip away
I'll let a thousand stupid things stand in the way
Of someday

Mirror, show me more than getting old 

Maybe, I'll write a 
farewell song for moonbeams I can't hold
Track Name: Liz Frencham with Robbie Melville - Blame It On Rodgers & Hart
Blame it on Rodgers and Hart

Blame it on Rodgers and Hart
Three notes and then the violins start
Two chords to weave a reverie
With just a melody
You took advantage 

and bewitched me 
With that old guitar
Brought magic to this flea bitten bar
You handed me the moon and stars
Don't know what time it was
But now I'm yours because 

Your song is like a silken spiders lair
Though I'm trapped I'm well aware
While the musics lasts I've lost the will to care

All yours
To delight or discard
Enslaved to a romantic facade
I've lost this game, you hold every card
And I blame it on Rodgers and Hart

My heart is like an open window pane
To your lonely blue refrain
Now I'm reeling like I'm drowning in champagne

Take care with your dangerous art
I've fallen now I'm falling apart
When I'm alone the lonely will start
And I'll blame it on Rodgers and Hart
Track Name: Liz Frencham with Co-cheòl - Monday Comes Down
Monday Comes Down

Monday rolls around again
It's gathering speed
Picking up passengers
I'm tightly wound, so far
behind myself that if I squint real hard

I'll see my own silhouette
Looming on the horizon, yet
both clueless
when the hammer of Monday comes down

Wednesday lost and found again
Distracted detail wrangling and shaving of yaks
and getting off tracks and generally
dancing to the nearest tune I hear

What was I supposed to doing?
And what was I meant to achieve?
It all seemed clear when the hammer of Monday came down.

But Friday, floats in and saves the day
With some silly pink drink with umbrellas, lycra and a cape.

Saturday's lost its crown again
And I'm gathering clothes, bottles, dishes and sanity....
Oh how I need a panadeine
A week in my king size bed, instead I've got

Sunday's scornful frown again
I set the bedside alarm
I rest in Sunday's arms
A small oasis of calm...
Before the hammer of
Monday comes down
Track Name: Lullaby For A Soldier
Lullaby for a Soldier

Rest my love
We don’t need to make a sound
Here and now forever bound
Nothing can harm us

Just fill these arms
Here we make our sacred ground
All that once was lost we’ve found
And no one can keep us apart

Smile my love
Pain and fear can’t stand the light
Everything will be alright
Nothing can harm us

Please fill these arms
Aching to hold you cradled tight
Nothing is ever black and white
But no one can keep us apart.